Documentário Killer Blue

vídeos completos 4 partes AQUI

Last year, Associated Press photographers Evan Vucci and Maya Alleruzzo spent four months with the army platoon Killer Blue documenting the highs and lows of life in the army.

Vucci’s four-part documentary presents the intimate story of these soldiers. We see them reunited with their families, then separated again; we lose two of them, and hear their thoughts after coming home for good.

“There are stories you wanna tell,” says Lt. Rusty Morris, “and there are stories you don’t wanna tell.” Here are least some of the stories of the Killer Blue platoon.

PART ONE: Family
“You have to know each other. We’re all around each other. You ate there, you smoked there, you played cards there. We were family.”

PART TWO: The Fight
“The army’s the only job where if you get shot at in the morning you’d still have to go to work in the afternoon.”

PART 3: My Friend
“Pretty much what kept me going was that we only had 55 days left to go…”

PART 4: I Move On
“For the people that we’ve lost, there’s guilt…and you’re thinking to yourself ‘What could I have done?’ ”



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