Ui!!! Que susto…

Benfiquistas não se assustem!!

Trata-se apenas de uma publicidade mandada fazer pelo SLBenfica para promover uma nova campanha designada de “Treinador de Bancada“. Tomou a forma de capa fictícia do jornal Record. A capa real do jornal Record, surgia na página 3.



College, Inc


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Up There


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Digital Nation


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In a unique collaboration with the public that began on the “Digital Nation” Web site, award-winning producer Rachel Dretzin and commentator Douglas Rushkoff probe how digital technology is changing nearly every aspect of modern culture, from the ways we think and learn to the ways in which we socialize, work and even conduct war. Is it possible to multitask well? Is too much digital media bad for young brains? Should we fight wars by remote control? What are the real-world effects of immersion in virtual worlds?

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Foi assim…


vídeo do 3º golo com relato Antena 1


Seth Godin: Quieting the Lizard Brain

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